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How to Pack Light

June 25, 2012


Now that airline fees are increasingly rising for checked baggage it behoves any holiday traveler to pack light and to travel with just a carry-on. If you are someone who likes to pack and plan for every contingency, such as rain boots, sweatshirts, tank tops, an extra pair of sandals or two, then most likely you will have to prepare for extra fees.

Most travelers go on holiday with a carry-on plus rolling luggage, which always seems fine when you are packing, but once you get to the airport it can become pretty cumbersome, especially when traveling alone. It makes everything more annoying and complicated having to haul all those extra clothing items around.

Then invariably what happens?
You get home from your holiday and realize that all of those extra bags you hauled around because you absolutely needed three extra pairs of shoes and the rain gear were not used, once.

Now, there are plenty of ways to combat that and the following is a list of just a few ways any traveler can work towards packing for just a carry-on, enjoy vacation, not pay any extra fees, and still have plenty of clothes for any situation.

Plan — Check the weather where you are going to be. A tropical holiday certainly will require far fewer clothing needs than a ski trip. Another tip is to determine if where you will be staying has laundry facilities.

Match – Think about packing in color schemes with similar palettes. Also stick with neutral khaki pants, shorts, or skirts, which will match with a lot of colors. Same goes with black pants or shorts. Alternatively, many travelers dress in all-neutral themes and then pack a few colorful accessories to add a pop.

Double up — A beach cover up can be transformed into a cute outfit for going out later on. You do not need three outfits a day. Mix and match, bring things that can be transformed, and/or used in a different way.

Wear again — If you are going to the beach for a week, you do not need seven pairs of swim shorts, cut down and bring two and then wear them again or wash them. This will really help to cut down on space and weight.

Dress heavy on the plane – When traveling, especially to a destination that has a different climate from the one you are leaving, try to wear heavier clothes on the plane, i.e.: a sweater, jacket, or hiking shoes. That saves a lot of weight from the bag, but also allows a way to carry the extra items you might think you need.

Roll — You can fit a lot more clothes in your bag if you roll the smaller things like shirts and underwear. This rolling method also helps to keep other clothes less wrinkled, which works well if there are a few dressier events planned.

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