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Danakil Depression in Ethiopia: Not for Everyone

December 31, 2011


Well, my husband is not up to visiting Ethiopia so I’m very glad Jill from Jack & Jill went and gave such in dept reviews of the most amazing natural site in Ethiopia, The Danakil Depression.

Check out Jill awesome report here:…

At 1st glance, Danakil Depression in Ethiopia – Eritrea border seems like an arid desert. So hot and inhospitable that nothing should live here.

But on driving through we found patches of oasis inhabited by Afar people – known for their independence and ability to live in areas where nobody wants to – and geological formations so varied, so strange, and so beautiful.

First and foremost, Danakil Depression is where Erta Ale volcano and its sloshing lava pool is located. Then there’s Dallol. Our group can’t make up their mind which between Dallol and Erta Ale was the highlight of the trip. Erta Ale gave me a glimpse of a nightmarish vision of hell. Of glowing red against pitch black.

While Dallol is where colors seem to burst forth from the ground, where you get to walk on earth the color of rust among chimneys spouting out acrid fumes of sulfur. Without the scorching heat and the rotten egg smell of sulfur, I can easily believe I was walking in a fairy-tale land where the munchkins live.


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