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Protect Your Money While Traveling

December 23, 2011



Travelers to South America should take a significant amount of time considering how to protect their possessions and valuables before leaving. Even more important than protecting property, however, is protecting the money you take with you on your trip. A little planning beforehand can save you headaches later on.

In terms of protecting the money you have on you, look into wearing a money belt to keep your money close to you and away from the hands of pick pockets. It is also very important to remember that protecting your money involves more than protecting just the travel money you take with you.

Before you travel, look into recommendations from experts as to where debit and credit cards can be used, and what fees your bank may charge. In the event that you lose one of your cards, make sure you have the cancellation department phone numbers and information written down and stored in a different place than your cards.

Along with the above phone numbers, you should also have your insurance information readily available. Once you’ve researched travel insurance quotes and found a provider that is right for you, talk to them about any valuables that you plan to bring with you on the trip.

One of the most important things you can do to protect your information and money is to avoid logging on to important sites over unsecured connections. Banking information is the most important to be careful with, but it is also important to think about every site you visit and the fact that others may be able to see your passwords at wireless hotspots.

Make sure you have different passwords for all of your important accounts so that someone who gains access to one will not be able to log onto others. Look into options to make your internet use safer while traveling.

If you are staying in a hotel room, make sure not to store passwords on public computers in the lobby or leave any information up after you leave the computer. If you need internet on the go, consider purchasing a portable wireless access card. This can be safe in terms of protecting your personal data.

Following these tips will help you stay safe no matter where you travel to.

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