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South American Destinations to Beat the Winter Blues

December 15, 2011



Those of you in the northern hemisphere are freezing your buns off during the long winter. Poor road conditions, shoveling snow off your driveway, and endless teeth chattering are just some of the side effects you’ll have to endure until spring. Why not escape to South America?

In the southern hemisphere, the temperatures are warm and the beaches are inviting. Score some last minute holiday deals, pack your bathing suit, and check out these fun spots in South America.

Florianópolis, Brazil
What could be a better cure to the winter blues than some alone time with the over 40 white sand beaches found along Florianópolis? The endless coastline isn’t the only eye candy to admire – this is where the hottest Brazilians can be found.

Even if you’re not into partying all night with models at Miami-style clubs, there are spots for laid-back hippies, like Lagoa da Conceição. The best part? All of the jealous comments you’ll be getting on your new Facebook album.

Montanita , Ecuador Moñtanita is one of those little beach towns where you come to a month later and wonder what happened?
Even though Moñtanita is about 5 blocks by 5 blocks big, here you’ll find first-class dining options and clubs worthy of any major party city. The waves are huge here, and December to February is a fun time to come and party with all other South Americans on holiday. If you’re going for broke, there are campsites around and $3 lunches to be had if you look hard enough.

Bariloche, Argentina
While not exactly warm, this breathtaking town in the middle of Patagonia makes an excellent destination during the southern hemisphere’s summer. The mountains rising up on all sides make for a picturesque scene.

Bariloche also makes a great base for hiking in Patagonia. While you’re in Argentina, spend some time in the cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires. From there, you can skip over to Punte del Este in Uruguay or Mar del Plata along the coast for some beach time.


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