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Keep Your Valuables Safe in South America

September 28, 2011


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September 27, 2011 — Alex Ivory is the founder & inventor of Dovetail travel in peace and a world traveler.

She has lived, worked and traveled throughout Asia, India, Arabia, Africa, Europe and South America for the past 25 years. While traveling in Argentina late last year, Ivory had her ‘moment of knowing’ in terms of evolving the concept of Dovetail travel in peace into reality.

Since the beginning of time, people have had to find a way to protect their valuables. Ivory had used many of those ‘secret ways’ and thought ‘I can do better than this’! ‘Better than this’, meant that something had to be created for women travelers, designed for a woman’s body. It had to be right, it had to serve its’ purpose and it had to be comfortable and effortless.

Ivory took the traditional money belt and ‘re imagined’ it into a light, modern, minimal system of ‘travel safe body bands’, made exclusively for women travelers.

‘It needed to be streamlined, ultralight and effortless’, form following function, and disguised as inner wear,’ says Ivory. She ventured out to design prototypes and developed two distinct options for women travelers; the ‘travel band’ and the ‘travel wing’.

The ‘travel safe body bands’ concept arose and is offered as a set. As a former dancer and present walker, swimmer and yoga student, Ivory had ‘an idea’ of what worked on a body in movement and in this manner looked for ways in which travel essentials could be ‘held’ on the body with comfort and ease, eliminating the thick seams, straps, buckles, zippers, loops and toggles found on conventional money belts.

Most travelers seem to use the money belt around their waist, outside of their clothes which seems to defeat the purpose and actually, in fact, ‘announces’ to potential thieves ‘exactly’ where your valuables are! A simple jostling in a crowd and ‘poof’, your travel documents, bank cards and cash are gone.

‘Travel with confidence, knowing that your essentials are secure, concealed on your body’, says Ivory. The ‘travel band’ fits on your hips and goes over your usual underwear. The ‘travel wing’ wraps around the upper body and goes over your bra and has a small clasp at the front. You can choose which to wear and when, while out and about traveling.

The Dovetail ‘travel safe body bands’ are made of strong, stretch power net, and move with you, hidden under your clothes. Lighter and thinner than support weight lingerie but more substantial than everyday lingerie, Ivory found a perfect travel safe option with the power net.

‘I look forward to experimenting with other colors, materials, production and finishing techniques’, says Ivory. She envisions female travelers of all ages using the ‘travel safe body bands’ to protect both themselves and their valuables while traveling but also female study abroad students,

Humanitarian Aid & Peace Corps workers, reporters, photojournalists etc. ‘Do some research, be conscientious and use common sense while exploring new geographies’, says Ivory.

Enjoy your time traveling and experiencing being there, not fretting about your essentials. From Jakarta to Djibouti, Vancouver to Valparaiso, Berlin to Bhutan… For women of all ages with ‘a girl scout spirit’ who love to travel: Welcome to the launch of… Dovetail travel in peace. The Dovetail travel in peace set includes; the ‘travel band’, the ‘travel wing’, the portfolio and a small, light bag to carry it all in.

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