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Be Safe In Columbia

September 26, 2011



An ideal trip begins in the colonial city of Cartagena on the north coast (accessible via Miami on American Airlines). Explore the city and its beaches, then head along the Caribbean to the resort of Santa Marta, gateway to the sensational seascapes of Tayrona National Park.

Then fly to Bogotá for a brief visit, focusing on the colonial “village” of La Candelaria. Finish your trip at Cali, now blossoming as the salsa capital of the nation. You can return from here via the US, probably on American Airlines.

You are right to be alert to safety issues: consult the latest Foreign Office ( and US State Department ( advice before you go. But with the help of a good guidebook (I tend to use Lonely Planet’s) and advice from other travellers, you’re very likely to stay safe.

. Cartagena is just the most beautiful city I have ever seen. I spent 3 weeks in Taganga (outside Santa Marta) in a private apatment without securtiy and had no security issues. I spent 5 months in Central and South America and found Columbia to be the safest and happiest country of all. The people are wonderful and the music is awesome! Plus, you can go out at night, unlike many of the neighbouring countries. Go enjoy yourself! – B.Wolf, Goa, India., 26/09/2011 17:33

Remember that the security situation here is getting worse quickly. Today a group of five on a beach resort in the carribean were killed by unknown gunmen. Just check the colombian press. – Sofia hernandez, Colombia, Cali., 26/09/2011 14:55


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