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World Cruise Dreaming

July 14, 2011


Wouldn’t it be absolutely glorious to embark upon a world cruise? My husband and I love water, boating and traveling so it would be right up our alley! Here’s an article I found if you want to dream along with me. It’s from:…$1382245$1378862.htm

Where to find a life of luxury on a world cruise

Tourists hoping to make the most of their holiday time should consider a world cruise in 2012, as they provide a fantastic travelling experience set against a luxurious backdrop.

Whether you are opting for a complete round the world tour or are just hoping to cruise South America, there are a number of perfect packages for you.

Cruise ships are built for long voyages, with many holding in the region of 800 passengers, so people who have booked a world cruise in 2012 will know they are going to experience a luxury holiday.

Boasting a wide array of suites and numerous balcony cabins, these ocean-going vessels often have a mix of informal and stately restaurants, enabling guests to pick and choose depending on their mood.

However, the onboard facilities are just a part of the luxury to be experienced on a world cruise, as you will also be able to stop off at multiple destinations across the globe, such as Vietnam, Mumbai, Singapore and Tahiti.

Tour highlights include witnessing the Great Barrier Reef in Australia – where passengers should keep an eye out for dolphins, sea turtles and porpoises – as well as the vibrant modern cityscape of Hong Kong, with its excellent shopping opportunities and first-class cuisine.

If you are opting for a luxury holiday cruise around South America, some liners can carry upwards of 1,350 passengers, with a diverse range of onboard facilities for people of all interests, including swimming pools, Jacuzzis and gyms.

Despite their size, these liners still have a home-away-from-home atmosphere and guests will be able to relax with a wide selection of cocktail bars and traditional pubs, allowing them to sit back and enjoy the trip with a few late-night drinks.

Tours take holidaymakers to some of the most well-known South American hotspots, including Montego Bay, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, the latter of which is one of the must-see cities on any cruise.

Holidaymakers can enjoy an eclectic mix of shopping, cultural pursuits and exciting nightlife in the Argentinian capital. Alternatively, you can opt to stay on the ship and still enjoy the sights, with a number of packages sailing through Cape Horn – the most southerly tip of South America.


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